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Nerses Vardanyan is a talented contemporary artist and restorer, whose art enjoys international recognition. He was born in 1957 in Armenia. From an early age he showed a marked interest in painting. He developed as an artist at the Academy of Fine Arts of the city of Leningrad ( now St. Petersburg) and then in Belgium. As far as he can remember, he was always painting and he studied painting. He exhibited his works in cultural centers, galleries and abbeys. Besides numerous exhibitions in Armenia, Nerses also participated in international events in Russia , Spain and other countries.


Nerses has a wide range of creative interests. He paints portraits, still lifes, landscapes and seascapes with oil. In recent years he wants to push his limits – he’s the last 15 years passionate about sculpting. Several works by the artist are among connoisseurs and art lovers in Armenia, Russia, the United States, Sweden, Spain, Belgium and other countries where his talent is greatly appreciated.


The artist uses various styles, from classical landscapes and still lifes, portraits on, imbued with a deep personality, to surrealist paintings with a religious and philosophical approach. The lyrical landscapes of his own blood Armenia and Russia are infused with gentle tenderness, with sincere love and warmth. They are transparent, full of light and nostalgic sadness.In his painting “The old oak trees and the water at that” we feel the enjoyment of warm air, full of fragrant herbs and a gentle breeze. What is broad and intense, the river that flows by the laws of the Earth and the Universe, how sure is precisely its way to the sea or ocean.The religious and philosophical themes that make us think about the essence of the essence, the meaning of life, of good and evil, take an important place in the uvre of the artist. These works have their own creative style and philosophical connotations that reveal the fullness and depth of the social position of the artist.


His surrealist paintings reflect an unbridled imagination and masterful technique and execution.Then there is also the portrait of a mature man with three ages: maturity, old age and death. What is the imprint of human life on the face of the universe, it simultaneously flesh and spirit, matter and matter united and are opposites? And looking at a painting “God,” we see a Creator who is suffering and hears our prayers that believe and forgive. God’s universal love claims the artistThe paintings ‘Babylon’ and ‘Babylon’ first make us think about eternity and the uncertainty of existence.The religious-philosophical works of the artist embody the harmony of all kinds of art, music, poetry, painting.


The painting «Composer» music fills the room, sounds penetrate and fill our hearts. This is the world of the genius of the creator and designer.The world of the artist is the world of the observer and of the way. This immersion in creativity we see in various self-portraits.The works of Nerses force worldwide respect and admiration of both professionals and ordinary lovers of painting. He knows exactly how thoughts and share feelings with other people, how to fill people’s hearts with joy and make us think about eternal topics.


The artist sees the beauty in the simple and thereby represents the most profound philosophical questions. That is a gift that not possess all the artists. Striving for perfection is the condition of the artist.



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